18th Century Riding Habit Shirt
with Cravat and Neck Stock

The habit shirt was worn by ladies in the 18th century with the riding habit, a three piece suit for women, consisting of petticoat, waistcoat and jacket.  Ladies had the option of either plain collars, worn with a neck cloth, View A, or ruffled collar, worn with a contrasting tie, View B.

 The habit shirt closed at center front like a modern shirt, and had linen ties that held the shirt securely closed and in place.  The woman's habit shirt was longer in the front and shorter in the back.  It was designed to be worn under a waistcoat, jacket or redingote.


 Each pattern also includes stock and cravat patterns, plus fully illustrated instructions, with fitting and construction tips. 

 NOTE: This shirt is designed to be worn over 18th Century stays.

 This original pattern is based on shirts in the collection of The Hereford Museum and Art Gallery, Hereford, Herefordshire, England.

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