This waistcoat pattern may be made up in a variety of ways: sleeved or sleeveless. long or short. The longer, sleeved version is most appropriate for earlier impressions, i.e. the French and Indian War period, whereas the shorter version is a correct length for the Revolutionary War period in America. You may also make a shorter sleeved waistcoat or a longer sleeveless waistcoat. Both sleeved and sleeveless waistcoats were worn in either period.

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The waistcoat underwent an evolution in style similar to the coat. Early on in the century, the waistcoat was worn quite long, extending almost to the knees. As time progressed, the waistcoat became shorter and shorter, ending, at the close of the century, at the natural waistline.

This original waistcoat pattern is fashioned after three extant examples, one in the collection of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, one in the collection of The Smithsonian Institution, and another in the Cut of Men's Clothes, by Norah Waugh.
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