Gentlemen's Patterns

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Man's pullover shirt with shoulder reinforcement panels, neck and underarm gussets, to be made plain for the common man or fancy with chest and wrist ruffles for the gentleman.

Three sizes per pattern, XS S M or M L XL.

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Men's fall front breeches, with front pockets, optional waistband watch pocket and tabs for knee buckles. These breeches have a mid-18th century fit, with a short rise, fitting the torso lower in the front than in the back.

To fit waist sizes 30-32 to 46-48.

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A mid-18th century waistcoat to be made in long or short versions, with or without sleeves, with three different center front lines, depending on period and personal preference. Suitable for 1750's - 1770's. One size per pattern, 40-48.

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Frock Coat

Frock Coat

Gentleman's coat with collar, which can be made in either a fancy or sporting style. Appropriate for all but the most formal occasions, 1770 - 1780. In sizes 40 through 48, with adjustment instructions for long and short sizes. One size per pattern. Fully illustrated instructions.

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1750's Coat

1750’s Coat
with Military Variations for the
Officer or Enlisted Man

Appropriate for either civilian or military wear, this coat has very full skirts, deep cuffs, a straighter front line and roomier sleeves than coats worn in the 1770's and later. The body of the coat fits close to the person and the armholes are set high and back to reinforce a correct, erect 18th century posture. Military lapels and cuffs may be mixed and matched to suit the requirements of your unit. Available in sizes 40 - 52.

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Men's Size Chart

Use chest and waist measurements to find the proper pattern size for waistcoats and coats.
Use neck size for shirts, and use waist measurement for breeches and drawers.
Pattern sizes do not necessarily correspond to modern clothing, so please measure carefully.
If you fall between sizes, order the larger size.

Chest 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
Neck 15 16 17 18 18 20 21
Waist 34 36 38 40 42 44 46

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